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Introducing DE Group

What’s New

In 1991 Design Engineering was established to provide structural steel inspections and welding qualification testing. Over the next few years the business expanded to include civil and mechanical engineering, consulting, non destructive testing as well as equipment inspections. Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed a restructure of the company.

In early 2021 we formed DE Group with three entities; DE Consulting Engineers & Inspection, DE Calibration & Compliance and Survey NZ.
Restructuring allows us to provide a wider range of services and still maintain the high level of quality in our work that we have been known for.

The changes

Due to our restructuring in 2021, we wanted to clarify some of the internal organisational changes to ensure you are familiar with what has happened.

Dean Van Buuren

CEO of the DE Group

As the founder of Design Engineering, Dean continues his work in the DE Group as the owner and shareholder. He also continues to provide his expertise and support for DE Consulting Engineers as the Engineering Manager and Technical support to DE Calibration & Compliance.

Board Charter

At the beginning of 2024 a board charter was implemented with Elliot Royce being engaged as the chair and advisor. The role of the board is to effectively represent, and promote the interests of the Group with a view to adding long-term value as well as direct and supervise the management of the business.

Kim Burtenshaw

Kim Burtenshaw continues in her role as Accounts and Finance Manager under the DE Group, managing the administration and finances.

Kaye Johnston-May

Quality Control Manager under DE Group, with the additional role of Health and Safety Representative for DE Group.

Going forward into 2024

We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings after a good result for 2023. There are challenges for all of us currently as we experience high fuel prices, inflation and difficulty getting good qualified staff, we continue to be here for you and service is our number one priority. Let’s talk today to see how we can be of service to you and help your business go forward in the 2024 year and looming closer everyday 2025.